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Unravel the secrets of Bordeaux's Grands Crus Classés.
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Château Pape Clément Château Fombrauge Château La Tour Carnet
Savour the unique magic and charm of the most prestigious Bordeaux Chateaux

Bordeaux wine tours by Bernard Magrez

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Some treasures are best hidden away, but others only exist when shared.

As the sole owner of four Grands Crus Classés, Bernard Magrez is inviting you to experience the very essence of Bordeaux art de vivre in his prestigious Chateaux.

At Bernard Magrez Luxury Wine Experience, our expert and attentive teams are on hand to offer or create tailored stays, events and tours in one of the world's most sought-after settings.

Savour a peerless and unforgettable experience deeply rooted in the land and the sea, acclaimed vineyards and historic dwellings, the art of viticulture and gastronomy, relaxation and escapism.
Château Pape Clément
Château Pape Clément
Château La Tour Carnet
Château La Tour Carnet
Château Fombrauge
Château Fombrauge

Stay at one of three exceptional Chateaux


Discover or hone your knowledge of the art of viticulture and oenology


Discover Bordeaux art de vivre

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