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Château Pape Clément
Tour & Tasting
Château Pape Clément
Tour & Tasting
20 EUR per pers.
Groups : 18 € per person. 
The tour begins in the gardens, where you will hear about the illustrious history of Château Pape Clément. You will then visit the vineyard and discover the impressive wooden vat room and wine storehouse, before moving on to the cellar, which conceals a chapel, the recumbent effigy of Pope Clement V and very old vintages of our Grand Cru Classé.

Afterwards, you will have a chance to taste our red Château Pape Clément, as well as two other fine wines by Bernard Magrez.
1 hour 30 minutes (visit: 1 hour, tasting: 30 minutes)

Domain open 7 days a week, booking by email or phone.

Telephone: 05 57 26 38 34