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Château Pape Clément
Create your own wine!
Château Pape Clément
Create your own wine!
99 EUR per pers.
B-Winemaker Bordeaux create your own wine gift
Enjoy an unforgettable wine-making experience!
Go back in time with an historical visit of the Château, the vault and the cellar. Participate to a wine workshop to create your own wine blend, to personalize your label and take home your souvenir bottle!
Finish the tour with a free Pape Clement tasting

⊛ Workshop with Château Magrez Fombrauge grape variety: 99 €
⊛ Workshop with Château Pape Clément grape variety: 129 € 
If you would like to share your creation or offer it to several persons, you have the opportunity to make other bottles during the workshop:
Price/adding bottle
⊛ Les Grands Chênes 40€
⊛ La Tour Carnet 55€
⊛ Fombrauge 55€
⊛ Pape Clément 65€
2 hours
Domain open 7 days a week, booking by email or phone.